Garden Maintenance Tips Part 1

How to care for your lawn

One of the first steps to maintaining your garden is to regularly mow your lawn. Once a week in the summer and every other week during the other seasons. This will help promote fresh, green growth. Using a good lawn mower makes a huge difference. If you are pulling your lawn mower out of the shed after a long winter it’s a good idea to service it and sharpen the blade so that it cuts the grass effectively. If you do need a new lawn mower be sure to check out our list of top lawn mowers this year.

Remove weeds from the grass when you see them to stop them competing with the grass and use plenty of grass seed onto bare patches to get them growing again. Spike the turf with a fork to aerate trampled areas to help bring them back to life, and rake out dead growth in autumn. Try not to cut your lawn too short as this is a breeding ground for moss especially if you have lots of trees in the area.

Don’t over water the lawn especially if its young, also make use of stored water where possible which will help during dry periods and hosepipe bans.

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